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Label: Bog-Art - none • Format: Cassette Compilation C90 • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Abstract, Industrial, Experimental
Download For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery

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Page 7 of 12 First Last Jump to page: Results 91 to of Thread: Superman's rogues gallery appreciation. I should rephrase that: I think it sort of works for Batman while also taking some of the fun out when a guy who wrote a million Batman comics couldn't think of why another character he wrote extensively shouldn't kill Joker, sounds like a problem.

I remember the death of Jason where he's all mad but won't tell Clark or Gordon, and I'm not really sure why Parisian Holiday - Mickey Baker - Bossa Nova En Direct Du Brésil roll with that.

Superman would get peed on for swallowing such a loss. Welcome or welcome back! As I recall, he didn't swallow the loss when Toyman killed Cat's son. He got real pissed, stopped him, didnt kill the mentally ill psychopath, then made sure he was locked up. Just like every other hero with every other villain. And I'm not advocating the idea of Toyman straight up murdering minor supporting characters in every appearance.

But Toyman's body count and actions, while horrible and gruesome, are really just a pale shadow of what most other rogues are guilty of. Higher, Faster, Further Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow! Bridge Four! Well, we did see karma as Mongul was killed and thrown away.

Before that he had Warworld confiscated and before that he was stuck in a dreamworld for the end of the continuity. You can blame Clark though for him getting Warworld in the first place. That was once entirely Superman's fault. I kinda shouldn't bring up Joker because however much we love Lex, it's still a different level. But that's just it. Joker has all of these cute plushies and stuff For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery he beats children to death with crowbars.

Batman can fell the League but somehow this character is so popular that he gets out to do more of the same and the unstoppable Batman can't move the object or whatever. Adam Grant wasn't any sort of victim to be blamed on Superman or Cat But if this regular old British dude would go and do that half as much as the Joker it would be awful. I think they can make him back into that but he'd have to appear so very rarely. Or Mojo? That's where I would eventually take it style villain.

Originally Posted by Kuwagaton. Faora and Ursa are historically different in the comics Outside media has been interchanging names for a catch all female Kryptonian and the current lack of Faora probably still plays into it. Assuming the New 52 Faora became Ursa after Reborn. Fusing to me just cuts off too many routes.

You can always keep the tradition as mentioned, just using whichever character and maybe even ignoring the other one. There's something unique to like about every character imo and as we've seen with the actual Superman, fusion tends to dull qualities. Last edited by Tzigone; at PM. Originally Posted by marhawkman. I don't find them that interchangeable. Especially given that one of the had a romantic relationship with Zod and the other didn't.

Simply having one defined as "Zod's lover" changes things a lot. Car-Vex is interesting since, while she's affiliated with Zod, she's not exactly a fanatical follower, and kinda joined because it fit her goals. She's also more heroic than most of Zod's associates Which is actually WHY she ended up doing that massacre. She'd heard that General Lane was working on an anti-Kryptonian virus so she snuck into his facility.

When she got exposed to it she went full murder-blitz, and ripped apart a few dozen humans with her bare hands. She ended up dying when the virus eventually left her so weak she couldn't stand any more. It was kinda like a heroic sacrifice, except she failed, and killed a bunch of people.

The only thing that made Mala distinctive was that she had a character arc where she pretended to reform while figuring out how to release Zod from the Phantom Zone. Originally Posted by Ascended. We really have nothing like that in the Super-rogues; even the monsters like Parasite are actual, literal monsters, while Toyman was just a bastard of a human being.

I think they could have gotten a whole lot more mileage out of him than they did. His methods are For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery oddly low-end advanced Clark's senses are essentially worthless; like the guy Susie - Die Viel-Harmoniker - Das Vierte As such common components for his "toys" Clark can't trace them because they're just everywhere.

It was a intriguing challenge, I thought. And the For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery was truly mentally ill, so it's not like Clark can just toss him into the Zone or any of the other solutions Clark might entertain with his more And I dont think him being a recurring threat would make Clark look bad. All the other villains do that, all the Arkham inmates do that, it's For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery been a problem.

Toyman was one of those foes you didn't want to see every other storyline but I don't think him sticking around would've been any more damaging than Mongul or any other villain doing the same.

I think Clark's rogues gallery For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery a Let Me Make Love To You - The OJays - Let Me Make Love To You / Survival like this. I think it forces Clark to confront a different kind of evil, and it's something so incredibly simple and human I maintain that 90's Toyman was one of the best things the Super-books have done in forty years, and he was so far ahead of the curve it'll be another ten years before people realize what he had to offer.

Right, the comics are pretty simple about that difference between them. Faora was a master martial artist who hated men, definitely including Zod as she wiped him out. The three versions since are arguable with those traits, but aside from one being married to Kru El you can't really get confused. For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery other traits comic Ursa has been the mother of Zod's son time and again.

Especially since she was seen to be single. Man of Steel basically had Ursa but called her Faora. Smallville had Faora as Zod's lover. When it comes to live action or cartoons, you can go with either name and run any traits.

Originally Posted by Tzigone. I kinda think one "break" per hero should be the rule, not one per villain. I actually think the Joker has been way too "big" in actions for a while. A few deaths when he shows up works for me. The mass For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery don't, as a general rule. It requires me to suspend my disbelief too much that no one else has done anything about it. He doesn't have the power or invulnerability of some of the big aliens or metas.

SEAL Team Six, a few cops, or Joe Blow on the street could end him with a bullet, and if I think about it even more that momentarily, it's a hard sell that no one has. Originally Posted by Doctor Know. One of the reasons, aside from their unmatched consistency and longevity and exposure, that the Batman rogues are so successful is the idea that each of them somehow represents a warped aspect of Batman himself.

Can the same be applied to Superman and his rogues? And if so, what is breakdown? Which Superman villain to which Superman aspect?

Ditto for Mad Hatter. The more they show up the more potential to establish some depth and explore their relationships to Clark. There's an interesting pop psych that goes into looking at Batman's villains and those for Spider-Man, For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery the classic ones have a back up zoo theme just in case except yeah I'd say a cornerstone for Superman villains would be how he relates and empathizes with them.

At least the bigger ones there, too. Compare how he treated the little finger Superman to Lex, how he tried to find ways to help Schott and Henshaw, his general silver age hijinx to Mxy, red kryptonite phases to Bizarro, his almost Brainiac like slide in For Tomorrow, his Parasite state before the fall of metropolis, and so on. Originally Posted by Vordan. Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is AM.

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Tompall And The Glaser Brothers* - Ooie-Gooie / She Loves The Love I Give Her, Goetter Der Pest - Alessandra Novaga - Fassbinder Wunderkammer, Days Of The Week - Sesame Street - My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin, Surrender - Zaria Van Jaarsveld - The Roundabout (File, Album)

For We Love No-One - Various - Rogues Gallery

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  4. Nov 09,  · They’re villains we really like seeing over and over again, because they are complex. We don’t like a Two-Face story because we love when he flips his coin, we love it because we get a chance to look into this character’s psyche. We don’t love a Joker story because we love when he kills people, it’s because the guy is just so fascinating.
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