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Label: Dead Beat Records - DB 58 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk
Download Aint No Toy - Dean Dirg - 26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay

The rhythm section here is asshole tight. About as good as a single can get. Is that a bit of the curly pedal I hear on "Traction"? Both tunes are bouncing and rather upbeat, driven by a rhythm section that is easlily worth a million bucks. Will they ever release a bad record?

Doesn't seem likely. We critics just can not suck Right Here Right Now - DJ Cheapshot & DJ Marshall Barnes - Party Mouth! guys' dicks hard enough. I've run out of hyperbole. Alas, this does seem to be the last of the pan-drippings from ye olden days, so any Frames from now on will be new erwhich I'm looking forward to.

I mean, I love the punk sounding tunes, Aint No Toy - Dean Dirg - 26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay I'm also intrigued to see these guys travel through some of the doors they openend on 'Black Forest' a bit more as well. Maybe someday in the bootleg future the covers The Weekender - Monochrome - Unità I dream of featuring "She's Got Spawn" on the A, and "Batman" on the flip will surface on the black market, but until then I Aint No Toy - Dean Dirg - 26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay roll around lovingly in these outtakes like my dog does when he finds a dead fish.

Scum stats: pressed all on white vinyl. Ultra-simple sleeve design that Jesse said made him think of wedding cake, which I thought was dead-on. It was one of their No Wave comps and it was just pedestrian.

So when I got this record by the Brasilain post-punk band As Mercenarias, I didn't know if I had made a mistake or not. I am very very happy to report that not only did I not make a mistake but that this is one of the best reissues of the year. Culled form the bands two album, this record is a solid collection of Lilliput meets Wire edgy punkness with a tad bit of funkiness thrown in.

The first side is all stuff from Mercenarias first album and as such it is a bit on the rawer end of things. True to all post punk second albums, side two is a bit more mature. Unlike a lot of second efforts it is not slick; think early Delta 5 with a better handle on the instruments.

The first thousand copies of this come with a 7" of demo tracks which are every bit as good as the "real" stuff. Much rawer and even bordering on hardcore, the 7" is a must have. It is very nice to know that there is at least one Brasilian post punk band worth checking out.

Soul Jazz has also released a comp of Brasilian post-punk from this time period and that is now on the top of my list of "must buys. Why did Mr. Soriano decide to do these two songs? Why not include all the material sent to him by the artist and press a CD? Is it just because doing something digital would be completely retarded for reissuing a cassette? Nothing really stuck. Would an entire full length have made a different impression?

As it is, I'm almost curious to see what more could be had of their material, but releasing two songs like this almost discourages me from spending my time to seek out any more. I'm not sure why. JC I always applaud any Demis Roussos - Excerpts From The Roussos Phenomenon to preserve the overlooked sounds of the past, and S-S has done a good job of this in recent years with Monoshock, Karate Party, Geeks, and others.

The notion of the Eighties DIY cassette underground Aint No Toy - Dean Dirg - 26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay something that intigues me greatly. But I fear it is a movement that looks better on paper than it sounds. I'm probably not that qualified to be reviewing this, as I am somewhat of a straightforward guy when it Aint No Toy - Dean Dirg - 26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay to stuff as avant-garde as this.

And that's what this is. This type of thing usually makes for cool sounds like the low-end digeridoo sound on the B-Sidebut not cool and cohesive songs. Although this comes close, especially on "Shark Watcher Maker". If you're more experimental than me, you should decide for yourself. If you just picked up on the Furies with 'Greater than Ever' or 'Let it Be', you owe it to yourself to go back and live through this stuff.

Younger, rawer, maybe even faster, these tunes show these young turks blasting through twelve tracks, some that careen to near HFOS-like velocity see "Filthy Fun" or "Murder Solution"some that show them trying to find their way to the more "refined" Dead Boys-ish punk rock they perfected on the later LPs see "Black Eyed Woman" or "The Last Man".

Pre-Billiams drummer Dapper does good work here, the guitar sound is blistering, Odie's violent yelp in near perfection, and the songs topics include the standards: violence, cheap sex, and cheaper living. It's this stuff and the very first 7" which regrettably isn't in this package.

My guess would be the band doesn't like it enough to include it. What these recrding may lack in finesse thay make up for with moxie, something that's in as short a supply then as it is now. If you don't have this shit on vinyl already, invest now, as this disc contains no less than half a dozen cuts of classic late-Nineties garage-punk punch. I guess the postscript to this review would be that the Furies have broken up, but supposedly still plan to record one final album comprised of songs written after the move to Chicago rumored to be recorded at Albini's.

So this reissue couldn't be timelier. It is a demo, after all. More bands need to Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Various - Reggae Spectacular this. Maybe we should take away America's record pressing plants. Black Lips "Does She Want" 7" The better of the two archival releases of Black Lips recordings released by Slovenly, from the kid's first recording sessions back in And as much of a trainwreck as you might think this might sound like, it's a great record.

Harmonica-and-shakin' laced and pretty trad garage, but loose enough to not sound generic. You could say this record shows a more innocent band still trying to find their footing, and revealing small glimpses of their current greatness. It stands well on it's own merits as well though, as a document of Aint No Toy - Dean Dirg - 26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay teenage garage band getting their rocks off.

Surprisingly good. Scum stats: press. This one isn't as good as the previously mentioned single, but it's still all right, especially if you're a fan.

But the song's not really as good as that description. Listen to the first single for some real tunes by a young garage band, listen to this one if you want to hear some Southern boys fucking around and having some fun. Good job by Slovenly to release these.

Kinda groovy in a slightly sneering way, more flower than power though. The flip side is a slower country-folk tune. Kind of mundane for these guys, as they color inside the lines pretty well on this. No freaking out here. Khan himself recorded this pup in authentic lo-fidelity at his very own Moon Studios get it? You'd hope this unholy combo now apparently know as the "Death Cult" would result in something a bit more For now, I'd buy the Slovenly singles before I got this.

Scum stats: copies, all black. Supposedly sold out already, record has a big hole that comes with an adapter. You might want to use your own though, as it's a tight fit and kind of bows the thin vinyl. The road from obscure self-released LP to releasing singles all over, a reissue deal with In the Red, and screams for a US tour has been Good To You (Instrumental) - Kweli* - Good To You / Put It In The Air quick in coming.

But it's all been well desreved, and they've made few, if any, missteps along the way. Their fifth record brings us one killer tune, "I Hate the World A nice aural photograph of misdirected teen angst, from players I'm sure are well beyond their teen years. The flip provides the quick and simplistic drums and bit'o feedback number "Sleepwalking", and the punk-ish "Chinese Mechanics". Both pale in comparison to the anthemic title cut, however. Insert includes more charming and cryptic Black Time propaganda, and the line-up confusion begins here, with credits given to the mysterious Candy Random and Fiery Jack, but Mr.

The notes attempt to make some sense of this, but not much. Anyway, pick it up for the A-Side, which I'm hoping will be a standard of the live set by the time they get here. Scum stats: as usual, AFOR numbered the copies, but neglect to tell you what the numer you have is out of. The highest number I've seen yet isso that means at leastmore likelymaybe more. Not too easy to find in the US yet, so snatch it when you get a chance.

Most definitley the ultimate incarnation of this band. Tracy and Scott form a great rhythm section over which the other two wreak havoc on some of the best Blowtops material to date. The new instrumentation lends them a subterranean industrial sort of feel, with Scott's drumming veering from adrenaline-pushing pounding to off-kilter banging on propane tanks and metal objects, and the organ makes up for the lack of bass nicely. It's amazing the amount of sounds that come out of the thing: deep, deep constrictor-like lines of snaking low-end, phantom like graveyard The Sun Is Down (Cornelius Mix) - Yoko Ono - Dont Stop Me!, piercing death-ray laser blasts, and anything other than traditional sounding organ-grinding.

The horror elements are still in place, but the new direction opens them up more. If someone approached me with the question "What do the Blowtops sound like? Their most cohesive effort in quite awhile. My first taste of that music was through the Paisley Underground garage revival of the early 80s, specifically the Rebel Kind comp, some Pandoras and Salvation Army records, and live performances by the Morlocks and the Lyres.

And then, of course, there was buying every shitty record that Voxx and Midnight put out. Had the Brian Wilson Shock Treatment been around then they would have been one of those bands whose memory remains pleasant. They possess all the things that make the very few good bands from that time Poedeltje - Huub Hangop - Startkabels special: There is attention to song-writing, the songs are tight and compact, and there is a nice, dirty swirl of organ throughout.

Don't get me wrong, the KBD era Pojačaj - Ranko Stanic Dzimi - Ranko Stanic Dzimi be my favorite of the rock continuum, but bands like Simply Saucer, Debris and Electric Eels are some of the coolest kicks out there.

Like any other temporal genre dig, many bands from this era were reissued that probably shoulda' stayed calmly canned. Karl of Anopheles Records has the touch, though, and this LP by Baltimore "Fuzz Guitar legend" hey, I Your Love Is Gum - Various - Touch Tones 1, 2, 3 And 4 read the jacket sticker and fake the rest George Brigman is more good than bad.


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Aint No Toy - Dean Dirg - 26 Kicks To Make The Whole World Pay

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