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apologise, but, opinion, you are not right..


Label: Not On Label (Martyrium Christi Self-released) - M.C. 01 • Format: Cassette Mini-Album Demo • Country: Czech Republic • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal
Download Diving Scelera - Martyrium Christi - Anomalous

VERMIN The church is an instrument of political power and the God an artificially created authority, belief in the God is a cruel tax for something that nobody has ever seen. How many people died in the holy wars. Ask their sons and daughters.

Whether they appreciate the church, if they believe in the God. Diving Scelera - Martyrium Christi - Anomalous wonder when the day will come, the day the mendacious belief will pass away. Shaking his finger in laughing faces, threatening with suffering, death all over the seasons hidden behind the cross and the God is in the heaven. The rack is Up Against All Odds - Tarralyn Ramsey - Up Against All Odds symbol, the rack is the symbol of Christian strength.

I wonder when the day will come, the day the mendacious belief will pass away, away, away, away. Turn your crucifix and believe only yourself, no belief will provide you with light. The road to the heaven runs through the hell.

My excitement is rising slowly. Myself, myself, myself. My perception is perverted by my family and stupid society.

Moral is pulled Diving Scelera - Martyrium Christi - Anomalous forever. My fantasy knows no limits. Deviation in my mind have made bad and unfeeling breeding.

The idea of perverty dishonoured woman thrills me nauseately. I must get out of it myself. Level, Level. I never get out of Diving Scelera - Martyrium Christi - Anomalous.

My only part that I shall use against everything that I so sinfully hate and execrate to death. The cheek of those who manipulate people drives me mad. Go all to the devil you bigots, politicians, moralists and clever fellows.

I am fed up with errors made up and intellectual empty phrases. This is a mongrel world and this is a Maddog - D-Shake - Maddog of your dirty work.

The truth you playing is dirty too whether red, bourgeois or saint. Each-one is for nothing. Each- one is for nothing. Damaged human feelings, blunted by money and properties.

Disgusting and purchasable woman. Repulsive posh faces. Inhumanity, pain and sorrow spread like plague. Struggle for survival means enslaving.

Retarded mind of the low. They never reach the paradise. Humility is now your grave. A repulsive and ruthless institution, playing with people like with words. You never reach the paradise. And I am asking what right it is interfering when dirt, evil and murders accompany it all the time round its existence. Why to follow the institution which gains its property by lies and frands and political rule.

Given blood will talk. Why to become followers of dirt and impudence. Man is the highest creature of the nature, but the church has been abusing his stupidity since the olden days. Vatican acquires what needs. There are a lot of us that at the expense of laziness yield to utopia. You must be fed up with their theology to redeem by gifts for your sins. They cannot advice me how to live. I will live through all delights of the life. It is nature, it is Satan. The filth will stay, but the safe of the strongest party of the world Shoot Me With Your Love (D:Reamix) - D:Ream - Shoot Me With Your Love up.

And I am asking why to become a victim of their politics. Cesta do nebe vede skrz peklo.


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Diving Scelera - Martyrium Christi - Anomalous

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  1. Assignment: Think of the symbols in Rich's poem and how they work together and alone to create the setting and emotion. Think about how these words allow us to read this poem. Original Response: The knife is danger, the camera captures the events, and the book sets a guideline for what is right. In first.
  2. Feb 05,  · Back to basic diving. Why is the buoyancy issue you described in Grand Turk the fault of the instructor? If everything was empty, which I doubt from the extreme positive buoyancy, the basic weighting to begin with was incorrect.
  3. Aug 12,  · Breaking Down the Physics of the Perfect Dive The sport of diving rewards water entries that slice into the pool without actually causing a lot .
  4. Aug 07,  · Martyrium Christi - Anomalous & We Will Kill For You! We Will Kill For You! () 1. Infested Land 2. Publicity Campaign 3. God, Bless To My Killing Anomalous Ideas 4. Spread My Blasphemy 5. Divina Scelera 6. Hate To Church. Band: Martyrium Christi Albums: Anomalous (demo) & We Will Kill For You! (full-lenght) Year: ,
  5. Martyrium Christi: 56 02 Mendacious Belief Martyrium Christi: 13 03 Anomalous Ideas Martyrium Christi: 13 04 Spread My Blasphemy Martyrium Christi: 68 05 Divina Scelera Martyrium Christi: 11 06 Hate To Church Martyrium Christi:
  6. Music: Karel Tomášek Texts: Karel Tomášek and Petr Kalčík. Graphics: Petr Kalčík & Beherit. Recording information: Recorded in studio Kdyně -

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