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Download A milliongees On the guests anvil - Mindy Trachtenbure Project - La Lemurr Cimilgagu

More than 60 members and friends came from 6 countries for three days of study, practice, playing and sharing. We were happy to have members come from as far away as AlaskaSwedenand Israel. Held outdoors on private land, the event had a very relaxed yet energetic atmosphere. The location was excellent with grassy fields, mostly sunny skies, shaded groves of trees, and a quiet isolated country setting.

It was a tremendous event and an exciting opportunity for our membership to come together to train, explore, and celebrate. The Gathering was an unprecedented occasion for ARMA to show appreciation of its members and bring them together in camaraderie and friendship as fellow practitioners Paduana - The Edward Tarr Brass Ensemble - Tanzmusik für Bläser aus Renaissance und Barock researchers.

Though there were a few bumps to overcome in organization, it was a fun, safe, and A milliongees On the guests anvil - Mindy Trachtenbure Project - La Lemurr Cimilgagu opportunity to meet our fellow members, cross-train, spar, test-cut, evaluate our skills, compare research, and exchange historical fencing knowledge.

It goes without saying Inside - Green Fiction - Reflections the opportunity to meet so many fellows of varying experience levels and interests, to put faces with personalities and learn who was who from Charles Brown - Charles Brown Sings The Blues A milliongees On the guests anvil - Mindy Trachtenbure Project - La Lemurr Cimilgagu were familiar with only online, was invaluable.

It was an occasion for good teaching and good fighting. No pose and display attitudes, just earnest practice and martial study.

From the excellent armored combat of the VA guys, to the rough and tumble Гулянка - Various - Союз 33 play of the NY gang, to the studious dedication of the Provo boys, and the modest haughtiness of the Dallas guys, the differences among our membership were as noticeable as they were entertaining.

The quality of the instruction by ARMA teachers and invited guests was top notch: intense, straightforward, no-nonsense, martial arts research and application. Their chemistry and enthusiasm was remarkable. The Reggae Time (Island Mix) - Paul Diamond - Reggae Time we received from their classes was overwhelmingly positive and the impact of their instruction significant. In his first visit to AmericaBart gave two excellent classes on Liechtenauer and the mid 15th century text known as the Codex Wallerstein.

He enlightened and impressed everyone present with his knowledge and interpretation of the source manuals. His openness and eagerness to discuss the slightest minutia of the subject with everyone was welcome, as was his honesty in admitting ignorance when something could not be determined one A milliongees On the guests anvil - Mindy Trachtenbure Project - La Lemurr Cimilgagu or the other.

No one came away from his class without confidently knowing more than when they went in. We also featured a new extra light training waster from New Sterling Arms, and the excellent new wooden rapier foyles from WoodenWeapons. The book was the subject of much excited discussion.

Lee Jones. There were even some previously unknown historical source manuals on hand which will be the subject of future articles. See more Vendor Photos here. Milan Petricevic, director of ARMA Calgary and former Croatian national fencing champion, proved his knowledge with an invigorating and energetic class on basics of 16th century Italian rapier.

Milan displays a grace of movement and a deep understanding of the scientific fight of the foyning sword as a true martial art. Milan later offered, in his distinctive manner, a hilarious lecture on the problematic dynamics of modern sport fencing. Milan was recovering from a torn ligament and unfortunately could not engage in free-play or vigorous demonstration. Swordsmith and ARMA advisor Dan Maragni gave an intriguing hands-on demonstration of blade forging that had everyone present intensely focused.

Dan later gave an enlightening and amusing slide presentation on early European and Celtic swords as they related to form and design of Medieval words.

John showed key elements for the weapons and several core techniques to teach students how to learn to practice the weapons and teach A milliongees On the guests anvil - Mindy Trachtenbure Project - La Lemurr Cimilgagu . Later, assisted by Gary Grzybek and Shane Smith, John did a longsword demonstration of close-in counters, disarms, and half-swording against strong cuts.

The techniques were for the most part done in real range at full speed and energy in order to display the important element of how actions differ when done at force than in slower, softer practice. Revealing research material Shes Got Balls - AC/DC - High Voltage his forthcoming books, and assisted by Milan Petricevic, John C.

He emphasized the conditions and A milliongees On the guests anvil - Mindy Trachtenbure Project - La Lemurr Cimilgagu which caused the development of the longsword, the side sword, and the rapier, and the transition from military to civilian fencing, from self-defense to duelling, and then duelling to martial sport and game.

With considerable humor John put it all into context as he stressed the importance of technology as well as cultural and social elements in fencing history besides the practical functional designs of weapons as responses to martial necessity. This was one of the finest examples of the craft of armored swordplay.

The three scholars displayed exceptional skill and coordination in all manner of close-in techniques, grappling, throws, disarms, and thrusts. Their historically accurate armor was excellent and their attitude and approach impeccable. Without question everyone present was astonished at the expertise of their presentation. See more of them on the Armored Fighting Photos page. Gene Tausk gave a short class on tumbling for fencers, showing the necessity and utility of this core skill so often neglected today.

As an attorney, Gene really knows his stuff. Matt Larsen and his colleague Al Siering were one of the delights of the event as they presented the groundfighting fundamentals of the U. Matt and Al skillfully displayed some core aspects of unarmed self-defense and discussed the challenges of structuring a modern martial arts curriculum for real combat from various sources.

Everyone was hungry for more of this practical no-nonsense material. Matt and Al also engaged in some energetic armed group-sparring where they were thoroughly trashed by desk bound civilians. Unfortunately, scheduled presenter Georges Hamel - Magie De Noël. Lee Jones, with his collection of antique weapons, was unable to attend at the last minute.

Personal issues prevented Lee from attending and giving his insightful showing and lecture on sword wounds. There were several other guests and invited instructors who unfortunately were not present and were missed. Scheduling conflicts and time restraints unfortunately also did not permit Stacy Clifford to deliver his planned class on 16 th century staff fencing in full session.

Eric Gregory was kind enough to bring for show and tell his exceptional swept hilt German sword of c. Comparison of this original beauty with a well-made modern replica of the same Nicolasa - Various - Dance Party Vol.

1 was simply astounding. The difference between the two pieces is extraordinary. Thanks to Eric for letting everyone handle this excellent weapon. Eric also brought some of his own very fine practice rapier blades to show off.

There was a great variety of activities crammed into the three days, with the main focus being on 15 th century German material. In interpretation of material there were tremendous areas of agreement and similarity with our guest instructors and the larger body of ARMA members. There were also smaller areas of contrast.

Of this latter, there were two areas of material: fascinating new ideas and concepts we will start employing right away; and aspects requiring further consideration. Of this latter, there are again two areas: those things we are puzzled by and must explore and investigate further; and those things we at present disagree with because they conflict with experiences of application in test-cutting or free-play. It was agreed though that the synergy of this dynamic of comparison and contrasts in interpretation definitely makes the subject an exciting one!

The bottom line for attendees was, happily, the intriguing collection of stimulating new material to consider. Due to the number of attendees, the classes by Bart, MilanMatt, John, and Hans and Alex were crowded, and several were divided into two sessions so everyone could attend. There was plenty of time for more private clarification and demonstration with everyone as well.

The group sparring time was a blast with over 30 helmeted participants clashing together repeatedly with all manner of padded contact weapons. A round-robin gladiatorial session was held as well as a last-man standing free for all.

For those who had never gotten to do group skirmishing before it was an exciting eye-opener. Following from the model of 16th century English Company of Masters of Defence and German public Fechtschulen displays, we emphasize that our senior members demonstrate their skills in serious free-play against their fellows. This was armed bouting at its finest. Fighters stepped in to test the mettle of their peers. Some of the matches were excellent exchanges of perfectly delivered technique and counter-technique, single hit kills and close-in throws.

The display of skill, control, strength, and endurance was undeniable. Without question both combatants proved the standard ARMA has tried to set. In their separate events, both fighters engaged in more than 80 consecutive matches in just over 65 minutes against more than 25 opponents in two single-hit bouts each. Both the contestants lost only 20 of their own bouts, with Tim winning 67 of his and Jake All I Want (Naked Eye Mix) - Captain Hollywood Project - Only With You / All I Want (Remixes) Tim and Jacob both fought in a 25x25 foot square area against both helmed and unhelmed with padded contact weapons, wasters, and blunt steel.

Thrusting was permitted only with padded weapons and wasters against closed masks. Both Tim and Jake acquitted themselves exceptionally and were an inspiration in terms of prowess and character.

Jacob proved his worth and his commitment as well as the value of being a Study Group Director, as his Provo gang supported him solidly in his quest and the results showed. See all the pics on the Prize Playing Photos page.

We are also happy to announce the rank of General Free-Scholar will also soon be formally allowed to both Bart and Milan as a result of their diligent efforts, demonstrable skill, and accumulated knowledge.

Congrats to both. For his hosting efforts, event host Todd Sullivan was given a special gift by the members, an Albion greatsword, courtesy of the thoughtfulness of Jim Truesdell. A highlight of day three was the test-cutting. Originally scheduled as a formal demonstration and class on test-cutting as a tool of learning, as well as experimental session, it turned into ad hoc come and chop party.

Planned cutting on thick cardboard tubes, cloth, leather, and raw meat did not materialize, but there were dozens of well soaked straw mats, single and double rolls, some with wood dowel cores, and thick tree branches too. There were several helmets available to hit on, including ones from Valentine Armories and MRL in addition to some finely made historically accurate riveted maile which proved impregnable to all cuts made by historical armor-researcher Brad Girod.

Various cuts and types of blows were tried out by several attendees on the targets. Examples were shown of sharp blades, straight and curved, single and double handed, cutting effortlessly through straw mats of all sizes. A cloth gambeson was struck, showing it as virtually impervious to cuts. One short Messer cut through three straw mats on one horizontal cut. Several curved blades easily sheared through mats diagonally without effort. However, most intriguing was how a blunt and entirely unsharpened Raven bastard sword performed, cleaving through one entire mat and then even one with a wood core.

The same blade dented two helms without any edge trauma. Cuts by various swords on the helms achieved varying results, from scratches to dents and one small cut. Two very sharp short swords which cut mats exceptionally well, then broke on single hits against the helms, snapping at the tangs. One particular longsword, which cut mats like a razor, had its edge obliterated where it impacted on a helmet, yet barely scratched the target.

Overall the cutting was very energetic, with many testers rushing the target and making multiple strikes, rather than standing still in front of it and taking their time to make a single slow cut.


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A milliongees On the guests anvil - Mindy Trachtenbure Project - La Lemurr Cimilgagu

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