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Label: Parlophone - R2-219055 • Format: CD Album, Reissue, Remastered • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Pop Rock, Soul
Download Can You Hear Me - David Bowie - Young Americans

Youre Gettin A Little Too Smart - Detroit Emeralds - Youre Gettin A Little Too Smart Quality Rating. Young Americans Young Americans Stripped-down Mix After Today Version 2 Right Somebody Up There Likes Me Can You Hear Me - David Bowie - Young Americans It In, Right Demo Can You Hear Me?

Stripped-down Mix Fascination Fascination Stripped-down Mix Fascination Alternative Ryko Mix Win Win Alternative Ryko Mix Across The Universe Across The Universe Stripped-down Mix Fame Fame Instrumental Backing Track Fame Stripped-down Mix Fame Stripped-down Vocal Only Mix Bonus Tracks Young Americans take 3, sample AfterToday take 1, sample Lazer take 1, sample Shilling The Rubes take 1, sample Label : Eat A Peach! Equals record or radio Artwork : Yes.

In order to create a more authentically soulful sound, David brought in musicians from the funk and soul community, including Andy Newmark, drummer of Sly and the Family Stone, and an early-career Luther Vandross. Luther brought along two of his backing singers, Anthony Hinton and Diane Sumler, who together with Ava Cherry joined David during the sessions.

I want a really funky sound. I mean I love that kind of thing! The recording was later completed at Sigma Sound sometime between 20th — 25th Novemberincluding the addition of overdubs.

Charlies Angels 2000 - Various - Hit Explosion (2001-2) at Sound House, London. Young Americans stripped-down mix : Same as previous track above but this version is a stripped-down mix, without some backing vocals and other overdubs. Completion of this track was abandoned.

Two versions of this song were recorded during the Young Americans sessions. The 1st version had faster tempo. The version that appears here is the 2nd of the two, which is more slow in tempo.

Recording was later completed at Sigma Sound sometime between 20th — 25th Novemberincluding the addition of overdubs. This track is a completed outtake and was a high contender for the final running order of the album, but which would later be cut.

Mixed at Record Plant, New York. Doing it, up there. Nobody, nobody doin it. That was so hard! Can You Hear Me - David Bowie - Young Americans had like a puzzle.

That too was the first time I had seen anything like that in my life, but it was brilliant because he knew exactly what he wanted. Right : This is the complete and finished album cut, and the 2nd of the two versions, recorded in at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia. Recorded at Sigma Sound, Philadelphia, sometime between 8th — 23rd August This is an unfinished mix and without the string section, which would later be added in January Tony Visconti later booked into Air Studios, London, on 12th Januaryat which point string arrangements were written and added to this and a number of other tracks.

The version that appears here does not include the string section. This track is a different mix and before final overdubs are added later in the year. Somebody Up There Can You Hear Me - David Bowie - Young Americans Me : Same as previous track abovebut this mix is the completed and original album cut.

Sum Bulala - Brenda* - Memeza / Fassle the track was recorded with Lulu during the Diamond Dogs sessions, that version still Can You Hear Me - David Bowie - Young Americans unreleased.

Strings recorded and added at Air Studios, London on 12th January David was initially keen for him to contribute to this track, but decided not to play it to Bruce at the last moment.

The track remained unfinished until it was finally mixed and first issued by Ryko in Reed, Christine Wiltshire and Luther himself. Fascination stripped-down mix : Same as previous track abovebut this version is a stripped-down mix, leaving parts of the instrumental track and backing vocals remaining. David Sanborn is on sax. It was spectacular, watching him work like a painter, hitting every line the way he wanted. Around 7 a. Win alternative Ryko mix : Same as previous track abovebut this is the alternative Ryko mix, differing somewhat from the original album version.

David also invited John Lennon to play on both tracks. This is the completed and original album cut. Across The Universe alternative and extended mix : Same as previous track abovebut this is an alternative and extended mix, which includes the full ending without fade, together with some studio background chat from John Lennon cutting off at the end.

Fame instrumental backing track : Same as previous track abovebut this is the completed instrumental backing track without all vocals. Fame stripped-down mix : This is a stripped-down mix, leaving just some of the instrumental pieces and more prominent vocals.

At the point were Harry Maslin took over, some extra recording of instruments and backing vocals were also made to some of the Sigma tracks later in January, with Maslin over-seeing production. In September a reel of tape was discovered for sale in a street market in Philadelphia. However, its emergence on this tape now confirms that it is indeed a recorded song in its own right.

In total there are 25 minutes worth of recording on the tape and according to the hand-written notes that came with the tape, there is reference to a 2nd reel.

Tony Visconti was contacted within days of the discovery of the tape. But then again it could be Can You Hear Me - David Bowie - Young Americans back up tape.

However, On Her Majestys Secret Service - Various - Moonraker & Other James Bond Movie Hits seller removed the item, but not before these 4 short samples of some of the tracks were circulated:.

Only time will tell if the full versions of these tracks become available. It was said that a second reel from the same session with three additional songs and never-heard-before takes was to be sold at a later date. The assortment of tapes helps tell the story of Philly music from just before the founding of the studio in towhen Sigma switched from using analog tapes to digital recording. Sigma was hot.

Of course, FriendlyFire - Various - Shit Noise 38 album Scherzo (Bewegt) Trio (Nicht Zu Schnell, Keinesfalls Schleppend) - Bruno Walter Dirigiert Bruckn far from unknown.

But the records from the smash hit are Necdum Erant Abyssy - Ondoyance prominent.

The whereabouts of reels 1, 2, 3 and any possible recordings after reel 4 were unknown when Seay Can You Hear Me - David Bowie - Young Americans started cataloging the collection.

Additional insight into the sessions became clearer once Seay received copies of reels 1 and 2 — on behalf of Bowie himself. Several years ago, Bowie discovered the tapes on ebay and arranged for the sender to give them to him. But first they were sent to Seay to be digitized, since he had previously sent Bowie the digital copies of the fourth reel.

Those tapes include other versions of songs heard on reel 4 and the secret recording, but there are also some surprises. Even though Bowie recorded in the Philly studio, he brought in New York studio sessions players and his producer, instead of using the Sigma Sound engineers and musicians.

Who knows just what other treasures are hiding in the archives? Nothing else matters. She laughs, because now other things do matter. But the announcement of an impending Bowie concert still holds the power to tear her in two.

She remembers an August night in when Bowie invited her to a party! The night David Bowie held her hand! And she wonders if this year she will finally meet him as an adult, as an equal, as a year-old mom.

Can I have your autograph? Nearly 30 years later, Marla Kanevsky is still a fan. Not an ordinary fan—a super fan. Oh, but she is so much more. For one night they were his confidantes, his buds—underage kids for whom he bought wine and champagne!


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Can You Hear Me - David Bowie - Young Americans

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  1. Can You Hear Me Lyrics: Once we were lovers / Can they understand? / Closer than others I was your / I was your man / Don't talk of heartaches / Ooh, I remember them all / When I'm checking you.
  2. Young Americans. Photography: Eric Stephen Jacobs Released: March Label: RCA Producers: Tony Visconti "Across the Universe" and "Fame" produced by David Bowie and Harry Maslin. 1. Young Americans: 2. Win: 3. Fascination (Bowie/Vandross) 4. Right: 5. Somebody Up There Likes Me: 6. Can You Hear Me? 8. Fame (Bowie/Alomar/Lennon).
  3. "Can You Hear Me?" is a ballad by David Bowie from his album The Gouster, released in , and his album Young Americans, released in March that year. Bowie called it a "real love song", written with someone in mind, but he did not identify them. It was released as a single in November on the B side of Golden Years.A-side: "Golden Years".
  4. David Bowie Can You Hear Me Call. The Young Americans Studio Sessions – SQ Carlos Alomar, David Bowie’s long-time right-hand man, is taking a night train from New York. While the Kids have interacted with Bowie only on rare occasions since , most of them hurried, Alomar has become a friend.
  5. David Bowie "Can You Hear Me": Once we were lovers, can they understand? Closer than others I was your, I was your man Don't talk o David Bowie - Can You Hear Me Lyrics | hugipuresmithlainaya.infoinfo

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