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Label: Lett Records - LR013 • Format: 4x, File MP3, WAV, EP • Country: France • Genre: Electronic • Style: Techno
Download Dark Room - Rapha  - Space Fractures EP

I love this show so much. It takes no prisoners. The new characters are an intriguing bunch, including middle school Helge, Jana, Ines, Claudia and Tronte, and some of their parents. The quote is from Act 1, scene 2, as everyone abandons a burning ship. This does not bode well for Winden. Inthe power plant is nothing more than a construction site 機関車 - 小坂忠* - ありがとう a nightmare dream.

Young Helge rides his bike along the unpaved road Dark Room - Rapha - Space Fractures EP the site, while Egon drives past him, blue police light and siren turned on, in his Volkswagen Beetle police cruiser. Best police car ever. Whoever decided to put Egon in a car that could be mistaken for a clown car, you have my admiration.

When Helge gets to the site, he stays on the edge and watches. Egon gives Helge dirty looks on the way there and after they arrive at the Dark Room - Rapha - Space Fractures EP. The site spokesman shows Egon to the bodies of two boys found buried in shallow graves in a pile of sand. Their clothing is from one of the future time periods, so it looks like strange costumes to the people of A billboard looms over the construction site, showing Bernd Doppler and his family looking toward the future.

After the opening theme, the Stranger visits the Clockmaker to talk physics. To pass through it is to travel through time. Ulrich follows Old Helge deeper into the caves. He uses his lighter to guide him. Tannhaus continues speaking as Ulrich becomes a time traveler. Entrance, exit. Black, white. Good, evil. Everything appears to us as opposite Dark Room - Rapha - Space Fractures EP . But that is wrong. Have you ever heard of the triquetra? When describing the Time-Space continuum, Einstein and Rosen overlooked something.

A wormhole connects not just two, but three different dimensions. It connects the past, present and future. Inside, he stops at the bottom of the grand staircase and waits for his mother, Greta, to come down and judge him. He stops, with his hands held protectively over his crotch, before he takes Dark Room - Rapha - Space Fractures EP pants off. Greta orders him to finish. Then she walks away, leaving him standing alone in his underwear, in front of the front door.

Were the money and the house hers before the marriage, so she has more power than normal for that era? Helge tells Bernd about his trip to the construction site. He races back out to supervise the situation. He suggests that they could be from a phosphorous grenade. And he found coins from suspended on red Dark Room - Rapha - Space Fractures EP around both their necks. The coroner goes on to say that dark haired boy appears to be of Mediterranean descent, while the redhead has a strange tattoo of a unicorn.

It takes Egon a minute to remember what China is. Ulrich wanders back out of the cave, into another time. Before going to his lesson with Claudia, Helge goes to the cabin. The bunker has already been built. Danger Road - Dennis Brown - Danger Road pretends a stick is a gun and plays war with it.

He plays his way down into the bunker. Helge keeps looking over at the numbers. A universe that expands and then collapses again. A universe that repeats itself endlessly. Stranger brings up the 33 year cosmic cycle which Tannhaus describes in the book.

Tannhaus: Every 33 years, the cycle of the moon is synchronized with that of the sun. But that number. It reoccurs in our world everywhere. Jesus performed a total of 33 miracles. There are 33 litanies of the angels. Egon wonders aloud why someone would commit such brutal acts of murder. He and another man possibly Daniel Kahnwald? The other man says that if they knew that, they could lock up the murderers before they hurt anyone.

They steal the money meant to pay Claudia, physically assault Helge, then urinate on him. Ulrich comes out of the woods just in time to scare them away. He also tells Helge that he has to defend himself, or bullies will never stop bothering him.

That light should then continue in that direction, to the left, indefinitely. But a wormhole changes the topology of Space-Time. It bends it. Nothing is where it belongs anymore. To illustrate this, Tannhaus turns a flat piece of paper into a tube, so that the lightbeam which he drew pointing to the left curves back around behind itself to the right and forms a loop. Ulrich runs toward town. A young woman pulls up in front of him and asks directions to his own house.

Ulrich is confused and asks what year it is. Tannhaus says his dreams have changed. Now his place is in the here and now. InUlrich visits the clock shop, where a younger HG Tannhaus works. But he looks like the book confuses him. Ulrich confirms from Tannhaus that they are in the year The Stranger says that in the book, Tannhaus wrote that the number 33 could be the time difference between the planes of a three dimensional wormhole.

Older Tannhaus tells Stranger that the 33 year time difference is a theory of his, but it could be the crux of the matter. She lets him in anyway. They do math problems at the table. They are renting the upstairs apartment. Doris explains that there are two bedrooms and a kitchen in the apartment. Concrete & Clay - Various - The World Of Hits introduces Claudia and Gretchen to their new tenants, and tells them about Egon.

Doris is mortified Cmon Everybody - Humble Pie - Smokin (8-Track Cartridge, Album) she brought it up. Jana heard the news from a teacher, but Ines must be the bigger gossip. Word on the street is that they were killed by aliens. Then he leaves in such a hurry that he forgets his jacket.

At the construction site, Bernd holds a press conference on the wonders of nuclear power, the energy of the future. In the background, the police erect signs and mark off the crime scene to keep people out.

He says that the miniscule atom will change the world and Winden will be the sit of the first German nuclear power plant, bringing stability and prosperity.

Bernd tells him that investigating disgruntled employees is a waste of time. He believes the bodies were planted by the Big Coal people, who are anti-nuclear because it Dark Room - Rapha - Space Fractures EP put them out of business. Egon doubts this theory. Bernd explains that the success of nuclear power means wealth will change hands. Claudia, Tronte and Gretchen walk through the woods. Helge follows at a short distance.

As a dare, you know? She and Tronte walk away. Helge throws a stick into the cave for Gretchen. Ulrich finds Egon at the police station and demands to be told whether one of the dead boys is his son. He asks about Helge, looking for Inside The Whale - Octopie - The Adventure Of Harry And Walrus Kane version.

Egon tells him that the older Doppler is Bernd. Ulrich makes the connection.


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Dark Room - Rapha - Space Fractures EP

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  2. reviews of The Darkroom "The first time I passed by this place I was in complete and utter amazement (insert shocked emoji) The second time played a little differently. I grabbed a joint, a bag of edibles and set out to watch the game with a /5().
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  4. Jun 17,  · Dark Season 1 Episode 8: As You Sow, So Shall You Reap Recap Ulrich follows Helge from back to In , the Stranger and the Clockmaker talk physics, from wormholes to time machine repairs. #Dark #DarkNetflix.
  5. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.
  6. Sep 15,  · Provided to YouTube by DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH Dark Room · Franco Forest Dark Space EP ℗ Green Eye Records Released .
  7. Space Fractures EP (LR) by Rapha, released 16 August 1. Rapha - Broken 2. Rapha - Proton Z 3. Rapha - Dark Room 4. Rapha - Proton (Confused).

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