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As I see it, when it comes to an open discussion of death, which affects us all in a most direct way—in our bodies—we practice avoidance. The church participates in this avoidance by not paying enough attention to the body in our ministries to the dying and to the dead.

We give little attention to our bodies generally, in spite of the fact that we are using them constantly. We have neglected to pay attention to what Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead) - Various - Traces Of Death III Dead And Buried going on in our own bodies that affects our minds what we think and our souls who we essentially are.

In this column, I focus on the body. As concerns our life in the body and our life before God, death is the midpoint on a continuum between being born and dying, and being buried and raised up in the resurrection. I offer here some brief reflections on each of these stages. I will reference the ritual acts that accompany each of these stages.

Rituals provide ways of dealing, among other things, with the Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead) - Various - Traces Of Death III Dead And Buried to life and the overcoming of these threats.

Our capacity to ritualize is a neurological function generated by the repetilian brain stem. I will not comment in detail on the rites in this brief article, since commentary is readily available in liturgical manuals.

The origins of life are a mystery still being probed in evolutionary biology. What we can know with some certainty is that water and oxygen are needed for microbes to flourish. This applies to all life forms. In Genesis 2 the Lord God sculpts the man from Ferma, Invan Rapir Pretendi.

(Riccardo/Arturo/Enrichetta/Elvira/Bruno/Giorgio/Coro) - Bellini*, Ri materials, but only after ground water is provided from a spring in the desert. Water must be added to shape the clay. And then the Lord God breathes life—oxygen—into the inanimate object he has created. It began with life. There are various ways for bacteria to be killed by agents outside themselves.

But microbiologists have proposed that cells sacrifice themselves through programmed death so that life can continue to flourish on this planet at a sustainable level. Death is written into all life forms, from the simplest amoeba to the most complex primates. This is the condition of life in the body, from the simplest to the most complex life forms, including human life.

We harbor death within us from the moment of conception. Actually, according to biologist William Clark, programmed cell death seems to have arisen at about the same time as cells began experimenting with reproduction.

Absent the normal cells that age and die, telomerase allows cancerous cells to reproduce without limit. The unlimited growth of cells would obstruct the vital organs in the body, causing death without medical interference.

Programmed cell death ensures that we will not be immortal, and also that runaway cancerous cells will be held in check. All this death in our bodies functions in support of ongoing maintenance of normal life.

This also means that death is connected with sex. In the insect world there are examples of copulation leading to death. The female praying mantis bites off the head of her mate. The penis of the honeybee, who mates the queen in midair, breaks off inside her body, blocking the entry of the next horny honeybee, and he plunges to his death.

Human beings have more opportunities for sex and reproduction than most other animals. But not every sperm fertilizes every egg.

In coming together in reproductive sex, the sex cells leave male and female bodies to grow a fresh being. Programmed cell death shapes our human form in the womb. The most celebrated form of this is the death of cells in the embryo that sculpt human hands from paddles into separate digits that form fingers. Tyler Volk reports that as life develops in the womb there is an overproduction of cells and they need to be culled. The large and complex human brain is especially blessed with an overproduction of cells, some of Calabria (House Mix) - Various - Future Sound Of Zürich Vol.

3 need to be eliminated. Also, neurons compete to reach particular cells in the brain. Volk reports that we grow about twice as many fetal neurons as the brain needs. The targeted cells secrete survival chemicals to help the neurons reach them. It is nothing short of miraculous that the formation of the human fetus safely occurs and the baby thrives in the womb.

But awareness of all the cell death going on during the gestation period reminds us that pregnancy is a risky business, both for the mother and for the child. Prenatal care has reduced the risk but not eliminated it. Death rates for mothers and babies in many parts of the world are still high.

The pregnant woman needs to be surrounded and supported by the faith community, especially in situations where she is separated geographically from extended family members. She and the father should know that they are included in the prayers of the church. Thanksgiving should be offered for the safe delivery of the child but also for the life of the mother.

Once we are born, our cells continue to die. It is estimated that one hundred thousand cells die every second in the adult human body, which also means that another one hundred thousand cells are born every second to replace the ones that die. This contributes to our growth and to the many changes in our body over a lifetime. We retain some familiar features as we mature, and our minds are archives of memories. But our bodies are changing constantly. But we will not continue to evolve forever because there is the issue of senescence or aging.

As we get older our physical changes include the loss of muscle mass and the wrinkling of the skin.

It takes more effort to fight gravity. Body parts begin to wear out. In some species life senescence and death happens as soon as reproduction has occurred. The Pacific salmon fights upstream to lays eggs and die. This is not true of all species. Mammals in particular must hang around to nourish and wean the young. Their reproduction is strung out one or two births Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead) - Various - Traces Of Death III Dead And Buried a time over Rajgir - Rajna - Hidden Temple + From The Ashes longer period of time.

The higher primates live to see several generations of offspring. Human longevity of 80 and 90 years is not unknown in past ages. There were simply more circumstances that kept humans from attaining that age e.

But eventually the Grim Reaper comes calling, and the experience of dying shows that, when the end comes, our body goes downhill fast. Different cells in different parts of the body require more or less oxygen. If the heart stops, circulation stops and oxygen is not distributed throughout the body. This is clinical death, and it is Not Falling Apart - Maroon 5 - It Wont Be Soon Before Long reversible if CPR is performed quickly enough.

The brain requires a lot of oxygen and has little in reserve. Deprived of oxygen the brain shuts down in a matter of minutes. This is biological death, Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead) - Various - Traces Of Death III Dead And Buried is not reversible.

Because of the uncertainty of how imminent death may be, at the first signs of decline into the pattern of dying, the pastor should be with the one who is dying, offering an opportunity for confession and absolution in privatethe reception of Holy Communion if the dying person can swallow also offered to family membersand the commendation of the dying which brings great comfort to both the dying and Bedtime Story - Madonna - Bedtime Stories living.

Upon death, the body cools down to room temperature and begins to decompose quickly. The millions of living organisms that live in the intestines began to break down their host by feeding on other organs in the body. The skin changes color, bloating occurs, and gas is emitted, causing odors. In ancient societies without refrigeration the body had to be disposed of as quickly as possible. Embalming, which was developed by the ancient Egyptians to preserve the body for more extended funeral rites, removes the body fluids and the intestinal organs, the sources of corruption.

Burial practices are probably the oldest human or humanoid rituals. There is archaeological evidence of elaborate Neanderthal burials 28, years ago! At a site called Sungir in Russia, objects were interred with the bodies of an elderly man, an adolescent boy, and a younger girl—beads made of mammoth tusks and polar fox teeth, and ivory pins and carvings. Perhaps many had been attached to clothing that has long since decomposed.

Human beings have lovingly prepared their dead for burial and made provision to keep the body intact as long as possible, unless cremation was practiced. But there were more reasons for cremation than simply the practical. Among the Hindus destroying the body encouraged the soul to move on to its next incarnation. The Egyptians, on the other hand, wanted the soul to find its body. In traditional societies, the family prepared the body for public viewing before burial or cremation by washing it, anointing it, and dressing it.

This is what the myrrh-bearing women intended to do with the body of Jesus when they went to his tomb early in the morning on the third day after his death. Today we turn over those preparations to the funeral director.

But there is no reason family members cannot deal with the body of their loved one themselves, at least with the guidance of the mortician. Families usually provide clothing, jewelry, and other objects that might be placed in the coffin.

When my father died, his grandchildren placed several of his favorite objects in the coffin, including his TV remote control. Christianity developed funeral liturgies that retained some aspects of the pagan practices of the societies from which Christians came, but added its own unique practices related to the hope of the resurrection and the expectation of eternal life. Like pagan Romans, Christians gathered in cemeteries outside the cities to remember their dead with a funeral meal.

This was not the Refrigeriumbut the Eucharist—celebrated on the mensa of the grave. But Christians also scandalized pagans by bringing dead bodies into their places of worship. Basilicas were erected over the graves of martyrs, and the remains of saints were entombed in altars or in the floor of the church building or in the surrounding cemetery.

Churches now offer columbaria for the repose of ashes of the deceased.


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Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead) - Various - Traces Of Death III Dead And Buried

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