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Label: Vomit Bucket Productions - VBP 021 • Format: CDr Limited Edition • Country: Europe • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Grindcore, Noise
Download Genitalia - Exhumed Atrocity / The Peoples Noise Project / Radiologist - Kill The Bastard!

Sold-out releases. It's a good release to hear the evolution of VxDx over the past 3 years on one CD. But beware, a couple of skillfully played guitar solos are in there too DIY CD-R with 2-page black on purple layout with a beautiful romantic design ;- Definitely a good option for some hours alone with your girlfriend Limited to 50 copies!!!

VBP - N. Harsher and more experimental than the first release Limited to only 25 copies! This work is dedicated to South-America. Note: This recording was also released on Balmim Recordings Colombiabut with different artwork and limited to 40 copies. Great futuristic sounds from another world, a very nice addition to the VBP noise catalog. This item can not be ordered! If you get this from me by surprise you're lucky, otherwise there's no possibility to get it.

VBP - Nihhill "Pare e Pense" CD-R released on January 24th This release shows a more extreme side of Nihhill with half an hour of extreme harsh noise sounds and a soft and beautiful ambient track as bonus. This recording of about quarter an hour is a nice moody dronish session, very suitable for relaxing. A great session, if you enjoy well-done harsh noise you can't go wrong with this one.

This recording from this super-productive Ukrainian space drone ambient project was included on several other releases before, the VBP-version features a new artwork. Atmospheric drone ambient bordering noise sometimes, one of my personal favorites doing such music. The latest recording from this mysterious project from Russia is an atmospheric mix of drone, ambient and harsh noise with a spacey feeling and drumcomputer-passages that reminds me of Saturn Form Essence and Nebula VII.

Fans of these projects will surely enjoy this album as well. CD-R with 2-page black on blue layout, limited to 30 copies. This is a re-release of an album that has previously been self-released by the artist in a limited quantity. The main part is a dark space drone recording of over 35 minutes. In addition there is a 3 minutes extra track and a drone bonus-track of over 17 minutes, not available Genitalia - Exhumed Atrocity / The Peoples Noise Project / Radiologist - Kill The Bastard!

the self-released edition. Another re-release of one of Nebula VII's self-released albums. The Dao De Noize Genitalia - Exhumed Atrocity / The Peoples Noise Project / Radiologist - Kill The Bastard!

is a thoughtful harsh noise recording of over 21 minutes that is opposed to a Cant Get You Out Of My Head (Instrumental) - Tom Middleton - Crazy Covers 2 and nervous almost 20 minutes long track from Light Collapse. CD-R with 2-page black on green layout, limited to 30 copies. Frostnoise is a young noise project from Norway with a cold sound.

The first disc "Suffering" of this double album is a single track of over 45 Genitalia - Exhumed Atrocity / The Peoples Noise Project / Radiologist - Kill The Bastard! , violent harsh noise with some ambient elements going on in the background.

Disc 2 "Frostnoise" consists of 8 tracks in over 78 minutes, mostly unrelenting harsh sounds in the vein of the first disc and some harsh drone material towards the end.

Here you get over 78 minutes of audio destruction, very good and recommended! CD-R with black on green 2-page cover and black on yellow insert, limited to 50 copies.

This release is a noise-music diary recorded in a period of 5 weeks in May and Junefeaturing 17 tracks in over 5 hours. This box-set features different kinds of HNW, sometimes with changes, sometimes completely static, some rather calm tracks and others with a brutal sound The track-titles and sounds reflect the day or state of mind in which the track was recorded, making this a very personal release.

VBP - Dont Worry - L.J. Reynolds* - Lovin Man Pussy " Die Live" pro CD-R. This release includes 3 live recordings from 2 different gigs from this and last year in over half an hour. The super-active Brazilian artist delivers what he is known for: fast violent harsh noise with frequent use of high frequencies. Cool tracks with a good sound! Rejet is a relatively young harsh noise project from France that has released several albums and some splits already.

An experimental edge can't be denied in his music, making this a very interesting recording. Released on August 9th Dangerous Beat from Croatia is a relatively young project producing experimental and industrial noise music with some dark ambient moments.

Really nice atmospheric stuff here! Spraypainted mini CD-R in a partially spraypainted slimcase with full color artwork, limited to 21 copies.

The third joint release of Ataraxy and MeVdA is a really massive one! Two experimental harsh noise collaboration recordings from the end of with a total running time of almost 51 minutes make up part 1 and part 2 is a split CD-R running for a bit over 51 minutes. Here you will find quite different sounding stuff, ranging from extreme high frequency harsh noise and muddy drone noise to experimental noise with drone and ambient influences.

Released on August 9th Nowadays he releases experimental guitar noise under his real name and this is what you will find in his almost 17 minute-part of this split. The Ataraxy part, on the other hand, is a full on harsh noise assault with a HNW passage. But the highlight clearly is the 21 min collaborative effort of both, bringing together a layer of ANW and HNW to create a truly atmospheric end product. Limited to 20 copies. Nekro:mancer is another project from the creator of Cosmic Noise Waves ex-Malevolent Alien Being and produces techno-influenced ambient music.

While some tracks follow a traditional dark ambient direction, others feature a strong techno-edge by incorporating electronic drumbeats, which is a really cool and successful mixture. This is a really recommendable release for anyone that enjoys well-done ambient!

Insane acid madness, we are not responsible for any side-effects caused by excessive enjoyment!!! CD-R with color printed sticker Stories For Boys - U2 - Boy 3-page color printed layout, limited to 10 copies only!!! Abonnieren Posts Atom.


Musak (Steve Lawler Mix) - DJ Skribble - Skribbles House, The Sinners - Piece By Piece, Brother & Sister - AV幼稚園 - XH大暴年会2016限定, When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through - The Supremes - Gold

Genitalia - Exhumed Atrocity / The Peoples Noise Project / Radiologist - Kill The Bastard!

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  1. VBP - Exhumed Atrocity / The People's Noise Project / Radiologist "Kill the Bastard!" 3-way split CD-R released December 30th Alien gorenoise vs. old-school noisecore from Germany vs. warnoise from the Netherlands, min by each band Very extreme release to blow out your brain!!
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  3. Explore releases from the Vomit Bucket Productions label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Vomit Bucket Productions releases. Exhumed Atrocity / The People's Noise Project / Radiologist: Exhumed Atrocity / The People's Noise Project / Radiologist - Kill The Bastard!
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  5. The People's Noise Project / Pig Rot / ShitFuckingShit / Hell Bovine / Bestial Vomit - 5 Lessons In Musical Scatology (Split; #/) The People's Noise Project / Exhumed Atrocity / Radiologist - Kill the Bastard!
  6. Gag (3) Profile: Runs Vomit Bucket Productions. Is active in Ataraxy and The People's Noise Project. Exhumed Atrocity / The People's Noise Project / Radiologist: Exhumed Atrocity / The People's Noise Project / Radiologist - Kill The Bastard! ‎.

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