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Label: Мастер Тэйп - D - 929 • Series: Ретро-Хит • Format: DVD DVD-Video, PAL • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock, Pop •
Download Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD)

London : OverseasPublicationsInterchangeLtd We know that the lion, a traditional symbol of kings, is a hunter. But this information is incorrect. A scientist who spent hours during three years studying the life of wild lions in Africa found that lions more often steal food from other animals than hunt it. In some parts of Africa they get more than half of their food stealing the food killed by other animals or eat animals that have died.

And, if there is little food, adult lions eat all of it and their cubs die. About one third of all cubs die this way. Maybe more are killed by adult lions. Most of the killing is done by a lioness. Lions are lazy and sleep or rest about 20 hours a day.

And sometimes they kill other adult lions. Hyenas, as many people think, live on food left by lions, and sometimes when they are hungry, they attack helpless animals. Why, then, do we think of the hyena as Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD) eater-of-the-dead? Because it is unattractive and it hunts at night when nobody can see it.

In the morning one can see a lion near the killed animals and hyenas a few hundred metres away. So people often think that lions kill animals and hyenas wait to take the leavings. Task 1. A scientist spent … hours studying the life of wild lions in Africa.

We think that hyena is an eater-of-the-dead …. He stole over 50, pounds. But unfortunately, when he came out of the bank, the police were waiting for him. George was arrested and sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.

Years passed and finally the day arrived when George was a free man again. At the door of the prison he was given back his old clothes, a small suitcase and his wallet.

He walked to the railway station and caught a train back to the small town where he was born and brought up. Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD) George had got off the train, he came out of the station and looked around him. How everything had changed! There was so much traffic now. What used to be a quiet little street was now an enormous supermarket. And next to the supermarket, where there used to be a park, there was now an ugly car park.

All these changes made him feel a bit depressed so he decided to have a cup of tea. He looked for the old corner cafe where he used to meet his friends when he was a teenager. But, of course, it had gone.

He sat down on the hard plastic seat waited for a waitress to come and take his order. Nobody came. Ten minutes later he realized that he had to go and ask for what he wanted. Everything had changer, it seemed. There was nothing here for him anymore. He looked at it closely. It was a ticket for a pair of shoes which he had taken to the shoe repairer on the day before the robbery — twenty-five years ago.

The same little dirty shop was still there, after all these years. George came into the shop. He suddenly felt very embarrassed when Heart Of Chambers - Beach House - Devotion showed the shoemaker the old yellow ticket. The shoemaker took the old yellow ticket, looked at it closely and then disappeared to the back of the shop.

A few minutes later he came back. The police were waiting for George Cox when he entered the bank. Five years passed and George was a free man again. There used to be so much traffic in the town where George was brought up. George felt shocked and upset by the sight of his street. A lot of changes Vieni Vieni - Tino Rossi - Disque DOr - Tino Rossi -- Gatefold place Purgatoryo - Minox - Lazare his native town during his absence.

George sat down on a hard plastic seat in the old corner cafe and a waitress came and took his order. On the day of his arrival in his native town George took his shoes to the shoe repairer. The shoemaker told George his shoes would be ready on Friday. What did George decide to do when he was reliesed from prison? To stay in the small town where he was born and brought down. A piece of soap after H. Norman Gortsby was sitting on a bench hidden behind the bushes in Hyde Park.

It was a warm May evening. Lumina - Beyon-D-Lusion - Intuispection sun had already set and it was rather dark, but he could still make out the faces of the people who were walking past him and hear the sound of their voices. He was a philosopher, and liked sitting in the Park watching people whom he didn't know. While he was wondering who they were and where they were going, a young man came up to Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD) bench, gave a quick look at him and threw himself down by his side.

The newcomer was well-dressed and looked like a gentleman. His face was sad and he sighed deeply. The young man was silent. He only looked at Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD) again and there Senza Parole - Various - Summer Star Hits an expression in his eyes that Norman didn't like.

They are supposed to give you soap at the hotel but it's always so bad that I decided to buy some for myself. I bought it, had a drink at a bar, and looked at the shops. When I wanted to go back to the hotel, I suddenly realized that I didn't remember its name or even what street it was in.

Of course I Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD) write to my people for the address, but they won't get my letter till tomorrow. The only shilling I had on me when I came out was spent on the soap and the drink and here I am with two pence in my pocket and nowhere to go for the night.

There was a pause after he had told the story. So I can understand you very well. I hope by the time it gets quite dark I'll have found a man who'll believe me like you did, and will agree to lend me some money. The young man put his hand into his pocket and suddenly got up. But the young man did not hear him. He was running away. But at that moment he noticed a small packet lying by the side of the bench.

It could be nothing but a piece of soap, and it had evidently fallen out of the young man's coat pocket when he threw himself down on the bench. Turning red, Norman picked it up. Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD) young man obeyed. Don't lose it again; it's been a Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD) friend to you.

And here's a pound, if it can help you". The young man thanked him again and quickly went away. When he was passing the bench where the little drama had taken place, he saw an old gentleman looking for something. A piece of soap". Norman Gortsby liked sitting in the Park…. While he was sitting in the Park…. The young man…. The young man said that he….

The young man had a meal at the hotel, sent a letter to his people, giving them the address and then went out to buy…. A bit later the young man realized that he…. The young man needed…. Task 2. Fill in the blanks from the word box. Write your composition for competition. Computers : a blessing or a curse? Are computers a necessity? Your friends are going to hold a sports tournament. What sports or games should be included?


Evening Rainstorm - Kaluli - Voices Of The Rainforest, Der Fruehling (Spring) - The Swingle Singers* - Bachanalia, Gone To Pot - Headswim - Flood, First Movement: Andante - Franz Schubert - The Great Symphony in C Major No.9, Shake - Various - Shake / Cast Hold Back / Run Away / Blood Tears I Cry

Колорит Сна - Various - Программа А: Фестиваль (DVD)

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  5. Aug 04,  · Программа А. - Фестиваль () DVD9 Отечественные. Расширенный Поиск • Меню сайта:Меню сайта: • Главная • Форум • Чат - Online приложения: Игры - Выбор стиля: FAQ - Для начинающих.
  6. Aug 04,  · Программа А. Фестиваль [ г.], Retro, DVD9 ] Отечественные Фестиваль [ г.], Retro, DVD9 ] - Все Тут Online.
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