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Label: AMIGA - 8 55 112 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation, Reissue, Stereo blue • Country: German Democratic Republic (GDR) • Genre: Pop • Style: Chanson
Download QuIl Était Triste Cet Anglais - Edith Piaf - Edith Piaf

Maybe I'm having a problem with American English as opposed to other varieties, but the translation of the first verse seems to me to be rather a mess. The rest of the translation has errors, but generally not as bad and proportionately fewer than the first verse. In the first line, "unexpected" should be "expected". In the third, "its'" should be "its" and rather than "common boredom" it needs "boredom spread" or "boredom spread out".

In the fifth line the newspapers are creased, not QuIl Était Triste Cet Anglais - Edith Piaf - Edith Piafand shiver is not something that newspapers do, so frisson could be "quiver" or it could be "rustle", referring to the noise caused by the papers quivering or by their pages being turned and refolded, but it can't be "shiver". In the sixth line ringing is wrong some glasses can be made to ring by, for example, repeatedly rubbing the rim with a circulsr notion until this causes vibration at a frequency determined by the shape and size of the glass, or by tapping them with a hammer, but that's not what Out Of Sight - Bill Ramsey - On The Spot Featuring Dieter Reith meant here ; reasonable words to use for "tintement" here are "clink" or "clinking""clatter", or "tinkle".

I guess I can't really complain about "severe" when I can't remember the right word myself. In the second verse, I think something should be done for that "Qu'" at the beginning - maybe "How sad he was" or "He was so sad" instead of just "He was sad".

I dislike the way the first half of the verse reads when "dont" is rendered as "that" but would go along with sticking close to the French word order so it can't be rendered as "of whom" or "whose" - my solution would be to render it as "and", which is nice and simple and unambiguous.

I dislike "sweetly"it could be "softly" or "gently" and rather than "faded" I would have "blurred". In the second half of the verse, "was drinking" would be an improvement on "drank". In the four line section between the second QuIl Était Triste Cet Anglais - Edith Piaf - Edith Piaf third verses, the first line begins "when he had drunk too much", not "once he drank it all", and the fourth line has "seconds" or "some seconds" not "the seconds". Become a translator Request new lyrics translation.

Login Registration Sign In. Proofreading requested. English translation English. Versions: 1 2. Added in reply to request by DD Oiseau. French French. Click to see the original lyrics. Add new translation Add new request. English Guest. English QuothTheRavenclaw. I've run out of time, will comment on the rest later.

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Site activity. Por favor. This Nobody Dub - Moodie* - Moodie In Dub Vol 2 - Featuring Roots Dub From 1974 matches Google Translate -which is Hello, everyone! What boys sometimes- what kind of guys Weihnachten durch deine Augen. Autumn Leaves Les Feuilles mortes. La vie en rose English. Non, je ne regrette rien.


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QuIl Était Triste Cet Anglais - Edith Piaf - Edith Piaf

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  1. Paroles Qu'il Etait Triste, Cet Anglais lyrics par Edith Piaf: C'était le décor attendu D'un bar de la Tamise Avec son ennui répandu Comme.
  2. Édith Piaf Qu'il était triste cet Anglais lyrics: C'était le décor attendu / D'un bar de la Tamise / Avec son ennui répand.
  3. Paroles du titre Qu'il était Triste, Cet Anglais - Edith Piaf avec hugipuresmithlainaya.infoinfo - Retrouvez également les paroles des chansons les plus populaires de Edith Piaf.
  4. Lyrics to "Qu'il Etait Triste, Cet Anglais" by EDITH PIAF: C'etait le decor attendu / D'un bar de la Tamise / Avec son ennui repandu / Comme une fumee grise, / Son frisson de journaux froisses, / Son tintement de verres / Et les murmures etouffes / De ses clients severes. / Qu'il etait triste, cet Anglais .
  5. Lyrics to 'Qu'il Etait Triste Cet Anglais' by Edith Piaf. C'était le décor attendu D'un bar de la Tamise Avec son ennui répandu Comme une fumée grise.
  6. Letra, tradução e música de Qu'il était Triste Cet Anglais de Edith Piaf 🎵 Qu’il était triste cet Anglais Dont la main du temps n’avait fait Qu’estomper doucement les traits De son visage Tout seul, immobile et muet Debout près du bar, il buvait On aurait dit qu’il revenait.

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