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apologise, but, opinion, you are not right..


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Yet the US government has failed to hold accountable both those who designed and authorized the program and the agents who directly carried out the abuses. You spent a lot of time interviewing victims of CIA torture. What shocked you the most? What gets under my skin is speaking to people who were tortured, and knowing that the US government did this to them.

Hearing people describe the depravity of the conditions they were held in, seeing them draw instruments Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015 torture, hearing how they were kept in diapers, hung from ceilings, nearly suffocated, dunked in ice water. It was a total lack of humanity, and, as an American, knowing that the Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015 was involved in that is very hard. They were held in pitch Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015windowless cells for months on end.

They were deprived of sleep and forced to stand for days at a time — if their legs buckled, they were forced to hang by their arms instead. At least one detainee was forced to stay awake for seven days in a row. Many were put in diapers, or held naked and forced to defecate on themselves. One was forced to stand upright with his hands handcuffed above his head, in a narrow box with loudspeakers right next to each ear that played loud, screaming music at him for one full day and a half.

He had a broken leg at the time but was made to stand on it anyway. All of them were endlessly interrogated. But it had a problem: these practices are torture — the US Army field manual even banned many of the techniques — and torture is a crime under both US and international law.

The CIA asked the criminal division of Department of Justice for a guarantee that anyone using these techniques would be immune from prosecution, but the request was rejected. They said yes, and eventually wrote memos, later roundly Poderes Sobrenaturales (Supernational Powers) - Blues Dimension - B.D.

Is Dead, Long Live B.D., stating that the techniques did not Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015 torture.

One former detainee said he spent two weeks in Position 3, only being unchained for 30 minutes per day. A Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015 statute, enacted when the US ratified the United Nations Convention against Torture, makes the use of torture a criminal offense.

The CIA used this completely twisted definition of torture to approve the specific techniques. The CIA maintains that its practices did not amount to torture but the public record clearly refutes this. That Senate report summary says that the CIA detained at least people under its program, but also that this is a very conservative estimate. The full number is something Living Hell - Screeching Weasel - Baby Fat Act 1 US public deserves to know and the US government has a legal obligation to provide.

Those apprehended who committed crimes should be properly tried by federal courts. But the CIA program was never about guilt or innocence, it was about getting information from people whom the CIA thought had intelligence about terrorist attacks.

The CIA was supposed to only detain those they believed posed an imminent Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015 to the US or were planning Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015 attacks, but in reality they rounded up a lot of people without basis and tortured them to find out if they knew anything. The CIA Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015 no real history and experience of interrogations, though, and no idea how to do them in an effective and lawful manner.

A lot of the information they got was false or insignificant. After many rounds of waterboarding and other forms of torture, he told interrogators that some African Americans in Montana were planning something big.

This was completely false — something he said just to get his torture to stop. The Movie Seven - Michael Mantler - Movies admits this. He recanted it later but nevertheless, Secretary of State Colin Powell used this information when he delivered his UN Security Council speech seeking its approval to go to war against Iraq. Powell has since said he regrets using this information.

A sketch by a former CIA detainee depicts a narrow windowless box where he said he was held naked for one and a half days. Professional interrogators say that interrogations are much more effective without the use of torture. Torture pushes detainees to provide wrong or misleading information or to resist in ways they may not have before just to get the torture to stop.

Under such circumstances, sorting out the accurate from the false information becomes difficult. The Senate report summary shows that the CIA did not get actionable intelligence on serious terrorist threats from its entire program. Claims the CIA made about the efficacy of the intelligence it gathered were false or exaggerated. It opened one investigation in But this investigation was flawed from the start because it only looked into abuses beyond those purportedly authorized when authorization of the program itself should have been the main focus.

Prosecutors looked into case of abuse but closed 99 of them in and the final two in without bringing any charges. In addition, it appears that the Justice Department never interviewed any detainees from the CIA program for this investigation. In any credible criminal investigation, the first thing you do is interview alleged victims of the crime.

Expand A sketch by a former CIA detainee depicts a wooden board to which he was strapped and on which his interrogators put him to undergo waterboarding. He did. He ended it his first full day in office. But only because the Senate Intelligence Committee conducted an in-depth investigation that took more than six years do we know as much as we do about the program.

And those responsible need to be brought to justice. No one should be above the law. These were serious crimes and the victims Handcuffed And Hard - Intestinal Disgorge - Depravity justice.

But unless President Obama makes it clear that these criminal acts deserve punishment, there is a danger that torture will be treated as a policy option by a future US administration. This is the wrong message for the American people and a terrible message to send to other countries. You met a lot of victims during your research.

Whose story particularly touched you? What really got me was meeting a man who was held in CIA custody for 16 months. We spent hours piecing together his experience. Even though there was loud music blaring through the entire facility 24 hours a day, the inmate was able to shout over the noise to the others that the birds were singing - signaling the start of a new Freewheelin Man - Christie - Christie. This is how he was able to count the days.

I commented about the remarkable ability of human beings to adapt. Moments later he put his head down, and I saw he had begun to cry. We had Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015 for hours before that about his abuse, but it was my recognition of his humanity that finally got to him.

I will never forget that moment. It is one of the things that drives me. There is something so insidious about inflicting pain on people consciously. I have a lot of compassion for the victims and I think they understood I was going to work for justice for them. They told me that was a very powerful medicine for them. Skip to main content. Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Many were put in diapers, or held naked and forced to defecate on themselves December 1, Report.

Download the full report Download the summary and recommendations in Arabic Download the summary and recommendations in Chinese. The CIA has no real history and experience of interrogations Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world. December 20, News Release. December 19, Letter. December 23, November 4, Most Viewed December 23, News Release. December 23, News Release.

August 7, News Release. August 7, Report. July 15, News Release. Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. Join our movement today.


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Stand Upright - Various - XmooosCast 2015

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