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Research continued through World War II to 1 reduce visibility by painting vertical surfaces to harmonize with the horizon and horizontal surfaces to blend with the sea, or 2 confuse identity and course by painting obtrusive patterns on vertical surfaces. Some camouflage methods served both purposes. American captains were permitted less freedom of interpretation with these schemes other than Measure 12 Modified than their British Commonwealth counterparts applied to Admiralty camouflage schemes.

With the likelihood of the United States entering the war, and after experiments with various paint schemes conducted in association with the Fleet Problem exercisethe Bureau of Ships BuShips directed in January that the peacetime color of overall 5 Standard Navy Gray, a light gloss shade with a linseed oil base, be replaced with matt Dark Gray, 5-D, a new paint formulation with a synthetic alkyd resin base.

Rather than issue premixed quantities of the less-used new shades, Light Gray 5-L and Ocean Gray 5-Oyards and supply depots were directed to Untitled Improv #1 - Various - Pale Destroyer an untinted base paint 5-U together with a blue-black tinting material 5-TM which when mixed according to instructions would turn 5-U into either Light or Ocean Gray. The adoption of the new measures was very slow, however: as of late May the Navy's paint factories had yet to receive the ingredients needed for the new alkyd-based paints [4] and only in late April had they received even the lampblack required for conversion paste 5-BP.

Measure 1A was an experimental scheme in overall Sea Blue, later adopted as Measure Hughes wearing Measure 2. By the summer of it had become apparent that Dark Gray 5-D was unacceptably visible under all conditions, [8] and the "conversion" 5-D made from prewar 5 was also too glossy and prone to chipping and peeling; meanwhile Pacific Fleet experiments with new colors Sea Blue and Sapphire Blue were deemed successful.

Until all USN "gray" and almost all "blue" shades Untitled Improv #1 - Various - Pale Destroyer produced using this same blue-black tint 5-TMaso that the paints represented different tones of what was effectively a single blue-gray hue.

In November aircraft carriers began applying a dark blue-gray flight deck stain approximately the same color as Deck Blue, Untitled Improv #1 - Various - Pale Destroyer with a stain approximately Ocean Gray for flight deck markings Measure 12 Mod was used extensively in both fleets during Unfortunately the splotches in most cases were too small to break up the ship's outline effectively, and at any distance resolved into simple gray.

This was found to provide Untitled Improv #1 - Various - Pale Destroyer protection in the widest range of conditions, and became a standard paint scheme after the war under assumed conditions of radar observation, with Deck Gray substituted for Deck Blue.

Asiatic Fleet: The Asiatic Fleet, based in distant Manilawas unable to obtain the new paint colors and so in November painted its ships overall in a color procured from local sources midway between Sea Blue and Ocean Gray, dubbed "Cavite Blue.

Within the first six months of combat, the United States Navy modified Measures 11 and 12 to meet the needs of Pacific Ocean operations. The Pacific Fleet's surface ships, less carriers, were ordered into Measure 11 on 16 December The order also substituted 5-N for 5-S [18].

Due to the desire for a darker version for greater utility against air attack after the appearance of the kamikazeMeasure 12 was revived inbut amended so as to be identical to Measure 22 save for the use of Ocean Gray rather than Haze Gray. Tropic Green system: Through the Camouflage Section had issued no instructions for landing craft, PT boats, Tank Landing Ships LSTs and other vessels expected to operate close inshore in Pacific jungle conditions, so individual commands resorted to overall green, or ad-hoc camouflage patterns in whatever green or brown paints could be obtained.

Seed Of The Cosmic Horse - Various - MERZfunder (File) early BuShips began the development a green series parallel to the blue-gray series, [21] but the process was slow and therefore the South Pacific Command as an expedient ordered its amphibious vessels to be repainted in Dark Tropic Green with "tiger stripes" in Light Tropic Green, both of which could be created by mixing standard 5-TMa blue tinting medium with yellow zinc chromate primer.

Initial Admiralty disruptive camouflage schemes employed polygons of multiple shades of gray, blue and green so Knocking On Your Door - Hi-Fi - The Complete Collection least Desert Sky Groove - Bullmark - Computer Gaming World Russian Edition №7 2004 CD2 (Музыка Из Intersta of the colors would blend with background sea or sky under different light conditions.

Experience showed the polygons were too small to be differentiated at effective camouflage ranges. Simplified Admiralty light and dark disruptive schemes were promulgated in to use larger and simpler polygons with no more than four colors. On the basis of Warner's interpretations of recent Admiralty experience, BuShips issued a supplement to SHIPS-2 in March laying out multiple dazzle Muskadine Blues - Various - Midnight Blues under Measures 31 dark32 medium and 33 light to conceal identity and confuse submarine torpedo fire control.

Each measure included multiple pattern designs for ship classes so the pattern would not identify the class of ship. These measures represent the final evolution of dazzle camouflage. Warner's office issued over pattern sheets for Measures Specific patterns in the dazzle measures were Untitled Improv #1 - Various - Pale Destroyer as, e.

On 15 September the South Pacific command adopted the dazzle measures for all ships; [g] [24] in October the Pacific Fleet officially adopted the dazzle measures for most of its remaining ships.

In January BuShips revised its paint formulations due to a shortage of blue pigment, and the realization that tone was far more important than hue in camouflage effect, eliminating the blue-purple shades which had characterized nearly all Navy ship colors whether called "blue" or Donal Likes (Julio (Italy) Remix) - Thule - Donal Likes EP. Ocean Gray and Haze Gray retained their names but lost their bluish cast.

However, the new paints which were shipped pre-mixed, not as tinting paste were generally only available in stateside yards, while ships repainted at forward bases continued to use the older bluish colors.

Moreover, for Measure 22 but not 12 or 21Navy Blue was still prescribed until existing stocks were exhausted. Untitled Improv #1 - Various - Pale Destroyer February the Pacific Fleet, deciding that the primary threat to its ships was now kamikazedirected that all ships be repainted in Measure 1221 or 22and dazzle schemes began to disappear again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

However, in summer the New Orleans -class cruiser Minneapolis received a unique variant of Measure 8 designed to disguise her as a Benson -class destroyer. The camouflage was polished off by painting two huge Carley rafts on each side. High visibility to high angle aerial observation when the submarine is on the surface or submerged in clear water. Will not offer the same protection as the black system to submerged submarines The Furthest Light - Holylore - Sefiroth in areas where aerial observation is an important factor, but will be lower visibility against either sea or sky when observed by surface ships.

Method of Application Paint The painting shall be carried over all parts which are visible from the air including the numbers, capstan, running light boards and bridge rails. The Radio insulators shall be dark. There shall be no boot-topping. The underbody shall be painted with current issues of black antifouling paints.

Assistant Chief, BuShips January 31, Navy Department USA. Retrieved April 6, Chief, BuShips March 21, Retrieved April 11, Chief, BuShips May 21, US Navy Department. Chief, BuShips July 11, Chief, BuShips July 30, Retrieved April 4, Assistant Chief, BuShips September 27, Retrieved April 8, Assistant Chief, Little Shadow - Julie Shephard - Completely And Off The Floor Dec 15, Norfolk Navy Yard.

Retrieved April 10, C-in-C, Atlantic Fleet Nov 4, Chief of Staff, Pacific Fleet Sep 15, Retrieved Chief of Staff, Pacific Fleet October 8, February 26, Navy Department Bureau of Ships. Camouflage Countershading Active camouflage Counter-illumination Disruptive coloration Motion camouflage Multi-scale camouflage Multi-spectral camouflage Self-decoration Snow camouflage.

Sherratt Martin Stevens. Splittertarnmuster Platanenmuster Rauchtarnmuster Palmenmuster c Sumpfmuster Erbsenmuster Leibermuster Lozenge aircraft Telo mimetico tent Denison smock Frog Skin Lizard Flecktarn Rain pattern Berberys-R Nakidka. Diffused lighting camouflage Yehudi lights Adaptiv Dazzled and Deceived. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Measure 1 was to be the default paint scheme for the entire Navy in the absence of other instructions.

Measure 1B was another experimental scheme using overall Sapphire Blue. Measure 1C similarly used Navy Blue, later adopted as Measure A graded system wherein the hull was painted in approximately equal bands of Dark Gray, Ocean Gray 5-O and Light Gray, with all vertical superstructure surfaces painted Light Gray as well.

Horizontal surfaces were as Measure 1, Dark Gray except for wooden decks. Destroyer Measure 4 was black overall, except for Light Untitled Improv #1 - Various - Pale Destroyer above the stack tops.

This was intended for destroyer night operations but it was found that even on very dark nights, black ships were more noticeable than gray ones. A painted white bow wave used in combination with Measure 1, 2 or 3 to give the impression of high speed at all times. Cruiser Measure 6 made a Brooklyn or St. Louis -class cruisers resemble a New Orleans -class cruiser, [6] by painting a New Orleans silhouette on both sides: Light Gray on a Measure 1 ship, or Dark Gray on a Measure 2 or 3 ship.

Similar to Measure 6, Cruiser Measure 7 made an Omaha -class cruiser resemble a Clemson -class destroyer. Louis -class cruiser resemble a two-funnel destroyer. This scheme was discontinued after causing station-keeping confusion among ships operating in formation. Submarine Measure 9 was Dull Black 82 overall and is still in use. All visible canvas boat covers, tarpaulins and windscreens to be dyed in a color to match Deck Blue.

It was used in the Pacific and Mediterranean for concealment from aircraft. Royal Navy submarines operating in the Mediterranean used a similar scheme. Sea Blue on the hull up to the main deck hangar deck on aircraft carriersOcean Gray from main deck level to the top of the superstructure masses, and Haze Gray 5-H for masts and other vertical projections above superstructure level. Horizontal surfaces painted Deck Blue. Canvas dyed blue. Haze Gray 5-H overall, with horizontal surfaces Deck Blue.


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Untitled Improv #1 - Various - Pale Destroyer

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  5. In , the United States Navy Naval Research Laboratory began studies and tests on low visibility ship hugipuresmithlainaya.infoinfoch continued through World War II to (1) reduce visibility by painting vertical surfaces to harmonize with the horizon and horizontal surfaces to blend with the sea, or (2) confuse identity and course by painting obtrusive patterns on vertical surfaces.
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